Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Bearics

So if you stay in the snowboarding loop at all you prolly have already heard of etnies play on Berra and Kostons skatepark The Berrics, titled the Bearics, being that they have their own private park hosted out at Bear Mountain. Also, as most of you know I'm a huge fan of Chris Bradshaw, so when I saw that not only had Bradshaw got on 32/Etnies, but now he has a two-minute part on The Bearics, i knew it had to be posted..


Monday, January 11, 2010

Wisco to CO and back...

So first off my bad for the lack of updates, between "movin" out to Colorado, having horrible internet connection, and shreddin some of the best parks the west has to offer, i have had little time or patience to post on here. Have no fear however, as after some bullshit out here, i shall be takin a train back to wisco tomorrow, and will once again shred my little heart out and be on here posting stuff nobody will probably ever see lol. Here's another little Big Bear edit to hold ya over until I get back to the big and beautiful state of Wisconsin..

Bear Parkisode 2 from matt seubert on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kr3w Denim

So im sure im prolly the only one thats actually hyped on this, but Kr3w has expanded into the snowboarding front and is taking over the apparel and outerwear market by storm. Granted they pretty much sniped the Comune apparel team, and quite possibly the L1 outerwear team, but i think that Kr3w now has possibly one of the best snowboard teams (tight pants teams) to date. So whether or not you rock tight pants or your the biggest "sisters pants" hater, you should def take a look at this team and their products, cause they are def making power moves and are sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the future.



Big Bear KR3W | Part One from KR3W DENIM on Vimeo.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Top Rail Parts

So i was thinking about my favorite snowboard parts the other night, and they basically came down to the most technical rail parts. Now there are a TONS of great parts from TONS of great riders, but I think when its all said and done, these are the two videos that i think take the cake for favorite rail my opinion..enjoy!!

Joe Sexton in Stepchild's "Child Support"

Jed Anderson in Transworld's "Get Real"

Go pick up a copy of these vids at your nearest skate/snow shop..focus..

Disagree with the picks? Let me know by commenting belooowwwww.....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thirty Two 09/10 Team

I found this on the Ashbury Blog (you should def peep it if can, theres always some good shit on there), and I must say for some reason or another this put lead in the pencil. I'm def a fan and supporter of 32, but for some reason this made me proud to be a snowboarder and bummed that i cant snowboard this second all at the same time:

You can direct all your hateful comments below haha

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Most of the people who would actually read this site know who Mathias Nordby is, the Norwegian Technine/Sound rider. Well this past season he put out a part in Ducksjen, a video with all european shredders. Now this video should be out any time now, but to hold ya over, I present the teaser:

Ducksjen Teaser #2 from kasper Häggstrøm on Vimeo.


Also, here is the artsy fartsy teaser, i like the fist one better to promote the video but this one was def an attention grabbing video, see for yourself:

Teaser #1! from kasper Häggstrøm on Vimeo.

BIg Weekend

So, as the title suggests, this weekend should be pretty big, or at the least pretty eventful. So first as most ppl know, Tyrol Basin is open and will be open this Friday from 4pm-9pm, Saturday from 9am-9pm, and Sunday from 9am-5pm, for the $10 hiking fee. Also this weekend Granite Peak Ski Area in Wausau, WI, about two hours north of Madison, opens there doors this Satuday, and will also be the host to the Bald E-Gal Qualifier the following weekend (December 12th). And finally, Devils Head Resort in Merrimac, WI, is hosting the Rome Snowboards Premature Jibulation contest, a free contest that goes around the country giving back to local shredders and supporting the local scene.
Tyrol Basin Ski Area
Granite Peak Ski Area
Devils Head Resort
Rome Premature Jibulation Facebook Event

So I guess call your crew, make some plans, and go someplace to use your snowboard this weekend